Business Genetix® Training Institute

Over the years and with the experiences from earlier assignments, Business Genetix® has not only developed a professional open training program but also a wide range of flexible and modular training opportunities. We can now boast a strong reputation in offering off-site or on-site training solutions.

These tailor-made internal courses ensure that the complete course – after thorough consultation – is exclusively and concretely translated into your specific business environment and needs.

“CFO ask CEO:
“What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”
CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Benefits of ongoing development

Your business should always be in motion, and the same applies to the development of the key asset in driving your organization forward: your staff! Regular training is essential in facilitating this ongoing skill development and competence management.
Training can often be worrying to decision makers though, due to its ongoing cost to the business. However there are a number of important reasons (see some below) why ongoing training, based on a thoroughly thought-out training plan, will be beneficial and profitable to your business and should therefore be made a priority:

  • be able to see weaknesses, skill gaps and threats (before they can harm, etc.)
  • increase job satisfaction and motivation level (even attract new talent)
  • provide an incentive to learn and create promotion opportunities
  • keep up with market changes and be in touch with all the latest developments
  • gain competitiveness and stay ahead of competitors
  • customer satisfaction, company reputation and profile
  • among many others

Explicit benefits of an on-site approach

The benefits of having a fresh set of eyes in business are often astonishing, and the same can be said for in-company training. An external trainer might suggest some ideas and techniques that are unfamiliar or challenging in the workplace, creating a more complex, but ultimately more rewarding session. It’s great to have an expert third party pushing employees and/or managers to think in new ways and tackle tasks differently.
In addition, one can expect from in-house trainings:

  • extended interactive preparation to discuss expectations, requirements and what will happen in the training session(s)
  • training, travel and time cost savings
  • content that is customized, adapted and more specific to the culture, structure, purpose and goals of your organization
  • strong relationships that are built over time, so that future training, coaching and guidance are easier and bring even more added value
  • convenience, as we can deliver our in-company training on a date and time, and at a place that is convenient to you and your people, not limited to standard open hours, days or places
  • team building: encourage greater team work and mutual understanding

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about our in-company trainings.