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To make the difference you have to be different. In this case, stand out from other change and transformation professionals. Become a real game changer, a certified business geneticist, permeated with the unique pioneering methodology of Business Genetix®.

Business Genetix® with this license, wants to form the reference for a new generation of change and transformation consultants and/or managers.

“Unless you distinguish yourself from the crowd you can’t make a difference. And once you’ve distinguished yourself, that’s when you can begin to make a legendary difference…”

Emeasoba George

We’re changing the change!

Our exclusive and extended education program lasts more than 300 hours and covers topics such as legal, and financial issues, project management, corporate genetics, training in our methodology, different coaching methods, among others. Our teachers are all experienced and recognized change and transformation consultants, academics, specialists in their areas, and/or professionals with particular expertise.

The Business Genetix® certification & license combines the curriculum of a complete training program with obtaining a certification and acquiring credits for permanent follow-up courses. It is a pronounced guarantee of greater professional appreciation, unbridled career opportunities, solid credibility and added value in the eyes of employers and customers.
By certifying, you also gain access to the Business Genetix® alumni, our resource network, and, by consequence, to more experience and more opportunities.

Please note that you must have at least seven years of work experience, including – horizontal or vertical – management level, in order to be admitted to the extensive training program, and a minimum of nine years to qualify for the certificate.

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