our core business

Our “Change, Shadow and Interim” (CSI) offerings make up the essence of our range of services, in which the Business Genetix® methodology is used in the most optimal manner. We provide these services under two complementary formats: CSI consulting and CSI management.

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business “.

Mark Sanborn

CSI Consulting

Through our CSI consulting services, we provide you with a thorough (as is) analysis, a thoughtful definition of goals (to be) and motivating advice (e.g. the ways to leap the gap, etc.). Then we vigorously accompany you in the agreed-upon straightforward and sustainable implementation and transformation processes.

It is not easy if you are daily part of the whole to maintain the neutrality and emotional distance necessary to make an adequate analysis, to make a difficult decision, or to supervise the various processes and evolutions.
Here already exists a substantial part of our added value, in addition to our broad experience and groundbreaking methodology.

We are doing, for example, organizational DNA analysis or personality analysis, we report on how someone is functioning and on different behavioral schemes, and we facilitate and support all aspects of the necessary strategic planning and the resulting evolutionary pathways…with you, who draws your future!

CSI Management

If you’re lacking temporarily some management resources or if an external manager is needed for the duration of a transition or transformation project, we offer you perfect, tailor-made solutions with our CSI management services. With this range of high-end services we provide enhanced support and experience sharing.

It is not always the case that you’ll have, in-house, the competencies or the experience to lead changes or to ensure transformation is taking place. However, looking to the long-term, surviving or improving is not sufficient. To be successful, any person or organization, in his/her area, should remain efficient, adequately organized, and in the leading group regarding the market, his/her initiatives, services and products.
Being ahead of your competition, your market and its society is the result of a successful, well-defined and well-implemented strategy. It starts with the goal and strategy definition, which then should be translated and implemented sustainably through all the components of the organization and/or through your personal behaviors and values. Further, it should evolve and change to adapt to the environment.

With our high-end CSI management services we provide you with a mix of leadership, know-how, insight, dynamism, endurance and results! This pairs with an additional focus on the transfer of these capabilities and competencies into your organization, which is an essential ingredient to incorporate the transformation and solutions sustainably.