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Creating a new business, growing an existing company, and managing an (re)organization or a department requires in many cases specific competencies, know-how and experienced support.
Being accompanied by experience and specialists can reduce essentially the transformation’s inherent drawbacks and discomfort.

To support you here and answer your needs, Business Genetix® offers, in this context, two different services: specific business mentoring journeys and business mentoring memberships.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”.

Arnold Bennett

Business mentoring membership

Often the need for support is not constant. Depending on the objectives, the challenge or the problem one is facing, it may at times be larger, more urgent or may change in nature.
As such, customized support can’t always be filled in with the experience of one person, but through the flexible and multidisciplinary co-work of several experts. That’s why Business Genetix® has developed an adapted cooperation formula focused on effectiveness and decisiveness: The Business Genetix Mentoring Club.

Depending on the type of membership you choose, you get access to specific analyses, advice or guidance, based on your current needs or questions. A no-nonsense, straightforward support without without the cost of the more-robust consultancy arrangement.
The membership itself is also tailor-made and depends on the size, complexity, and concrete situation and character of your company (starter, SME, etc.). The extensive competence pool of Business Genetix® offers you a broad safety net of reliable partners and their unmistakable added value. In short, everything that can make you and your company better.

Make a no obligation appointment about a possible collaboration and your Business Genetix® Mentoring Club membership.

Business mentoring journey

If the need for support in your business development or professional challenges is concrete and project-oriented, then a business mentoring journey is recommended. During this process you will be guided by a permanent mentor with not only experience in management, business genetics and coaching, but also the necessary knowledge regarding your sector and/or activity. This mentoring will help you define, plan and execute your aspired professional growth during regularly scheduled sessions and through continuous interactions.

A business mentoring journey can of course be considered an isolated process, but it can also be a supplement to shadow management or as a business deepening of coaching that is primarily focused on personal development.

We will be happy to discuss your specific situation and the modalities of an adapted business mentoring journey during a personal appointment.