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Business Genetics is a new domain in business and company sciences. It is a holistic, comprehensive, in-depth approach to understanding and mastering both your organization and its human capital. It gives and motivates insight, structure and methodology in analyzing, defining and sustainably executing growth, evolutions and transformation.

“A new game changing
approach and groundbreaking

Master your genetics within…

… both people and organization. With this slogan, we emphasis our focus on the so-important underlying genetics within organizations, their human capital and the complex network of behaviors, relations and interactions.

Business Genetics deals with an organization’s (and its people’s) professional DNA, genetic variations, and the transfer or heredity of characteristics. It works on the similarities and differences in an organization resulting from the interaction of its genes with the environment (in the broadest sense of the word) and the environment’s influence on its functioning.
It is a practical and in-depth approach toward organizations, transversal projects and programs, success, evolution and change management. It makes it possible to steer, manage, transform and (re)organize the organization effectively and with the greatest impact.

It encompasses many different but complementary techniques: business genetic engineering, business DNA mapping and sequencing, organization metabolic analysis, study of the organizational behavior in its environment, personality analyses, and much more.

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