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Start-ups have a lot of ideas, motivation, dynamism, dreams…but at the same time they often lack the necessary knowledge in business management or in essential specific domains such as sales, marketing, finance or HR. Moreover, they often have limited resources.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen…”.

Scott Belsky

Business Genetix® has a long and extensive experience with guiding start-ups. Every start-up is special and they often have specific – even unique – challenges. In order to be able to provide an adequate response to this, we have developed a modular portfolio.
This can range from a choice of basic services through the ”start-up support” membership, to supporting and advising your board of directors, to even a temporary interim or shadow management where we essentially manage the start-up.

Business Genetix® can help you with the pre-studies; the effective start-up; making impactful choices; the further development of your company, employees and business managers; the realization of a strategy and growth, and more.
We can supply the right person at the right place. With our large number of experienced consultants, trainers and managers we can be an effective success lever because we can differentiate and facilitate goal-oriented and efficient activities where and when the need is situated.

With the ”start-up support” membership you can count on our professional specialists and high-performance managers, for a modest monthly contribution.

Get in touch with one of our experts without any obligation and take an essential step in the progress of your start-up!