personal development

We are strongly convinced that coaching – when executed authentically and professionally – is one of the most effective tools to guide individuals in their development and to make personal change and transformation processes deeper and more sustainable.

Whether it is a pure personal development program, to facilitate a selection procedure including the candidate evaluations or to address one’s personal professional challenges, Business Genetix® offers a wide range of coaching services through certified coaches.

“An effective coach succeeds to make people do tomorrow what they today believe they aren’t able to…”.

Jo Janssens

After an extensive exploratory intake interview, the coach and the client enter into an engaged program of regular and extremely confidential one-on-one sessions.
In such an individual coaching process, a coach guides the client in acquiring new insights, learning other skills, implementing changes and achieving predetermined goals. During the sessions, the coach uses various techniques that inspire the client to realize visible results.

We are happy to guide you step by step on your fascinating path towards a meaningful and result-oriented change. Ask a free intake interview here.