Xavier Fortemps and Jo Janssens met in 2014. Shortly afterwards their collaboration started, which mainly consists of supporting, (re)designing and accelerating starting as well as existing entrepreneurs and organizations.

After seeing striking results, and with their complementary experience and large joint potential for activities, they decided to further formalize their collaboration and founded Business Genetix®.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do…”.

Steve Jobs

Our vision…

“To facilitate the business world’s transition to a sustained true change driven environment!”

A change-loving professional environment that brings insight and methodology, reduces resistance to change, liberates human capital and unleashes straightforward transformations.

Where the true leaders of tomorrow – executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers – decide, act and manage people and organizations, realizing that every change – even corporate – essentially means (or grows to) being aware..

Our mission…

“We define and provide a groundbreaking methodology, exquisite consulting and various other high-end forms of guidance, support and/or training in analyzing, understanding, managing, changing and transforming organizations and their people. “

In order to carry out this mission in a strong and goal-oriented manner to the widest possible audience, we prefer to work with top-down strategies. For instance:

  • With our Business genetix® certificering & licentie we set up a new, reliable and proven reference (cfr. quality label) for organization architects, change managers, strategists and management professionals.
    We ensure they are of the highest required level in their expertise domain and work, utilizing state-of-the-art processes and methods to provide an adequate transformation and the expected results.
  • With the Business Genetix® Training Instituut we organize, design and provide high-end seminars and other development services tailor-made to the organization and its leading people.

Our ethical compass (core values):

The core values mix that characterizes Business Genetix® :